About the store

I'm a fan of kpop just like you!

I'm creative and full of ideas, unfortunatly I didn't have a way of sharing them, now I do!

This is an online-only store, fan-made products and now official product too! This store is managed only by me! 💛

Based in the UK, shipping almost everywhere in the world!

If your country is not on the list please contact me and I will look into it.

My aim is to reach all k-pop fans worldwide.

If you can't order something due to an error with your order (e.g. cost or shipping) or you think something is wrong with the website, please contact me on kbyseni@gmail.com and I will aim to answer to you and fix the issue the same day.

You can also reach me on instagram or tiktok at @kbyseni !


♥ Keep K-poppin'

- KBySeni